April 15, 2022

written by: Jessica Akemon

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Our Top 5 Functional Kitchen Decor Picks

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There are 5 items that are always a part of our morning routine in the kitchen. I don’t know about you, but our kitchen is THE most used space in our home. From family meals, to crafts, games, homework, and socializing, the kitchen seems to be everyone’s favorite space to hang out and chat. So it’s especially important to me that form and function collide here. We are sharing our top picks for functional kitchen decor ideas and more!

The Top 5 Most Popular Kitchen Items

Lately, I’ve been finding so many beautiful pieces for our home and family from Walmart, and I’m especially loving their newest Spring styles. Have you seen the Beautiful by Drew Barrymore kitchen line?! We have a few pieces and absolutely love the designs!

Likewise, The Home Edit clear organizational bins have been a game changer for our pantry and refrigerator. Oh, and don’t sleep on their fashion, either! For instance, the shirt and sandals I’m wearing in the images below are both from Walmart, and both very affordable! Now let’s get to it!

The MVPs for a successful morning in our kitchen:


We’ve been using the Beautiful by Drew Barrymore touchscreen coffee maker, and it’s the epitome of form and function! The sleek gold handle, the programmable illuminating touchscreen, and clean white color is anything but an eye sore, and more like beautiful kitchen decor. What’s equally as important to a coffee maker? Coffee mugs! This classic white coffee mug has definitely become the go to for Jeff, but I’m also loving these smaller stackable coffee mugs from the Walmart Gap line as well.


As mentioned, we are really loving the Beautiful by Drew Barrymore line so much, that we also got the Beautiful 2-slice touch screen toaster in their soft matte oyster gray finish. The sleek touch screen makes it so easy for our young kids to use independently, with options like reheat, bagel, frozen, and an illuminating countdown, they feel so proud to be making their own breakfast! The removable crumb tray is super helpful, too!

At last, an aesthetically pleasing, high quality, affordable toaster that actually gets to live on the countertop = WIN! So in conclusion, if you have an easy to use toaster, then your kids can make their own breakfast, double win! Their fave toast to make? Avocado toast with everything bagel seasoning and cherry tomatoes, yummmmm!


So listen, the second I laid eyes on these sage tinted gorgeous ribbed glasses I immediately started loading up my cart like they were going to vanish before my eyes if I didn’t get them all. Bonus? They are plastic! Once again, the perfect example where form meets function. We no longer have to worry about our accident prone children breaking our “nice” glasses, nor do we have to stare at all 87 bright colored plastic kid cups they use once, and then leave out all day — deep breaths, Jessica, deep breaths. So farewell, primary colored kid cups! You are no longer welcome here, thank you for your service, buh-bye. Oh, and don’t forget to snag the matching stunning ribbed pitcher, too!

ribbed glasses, tumbler, pitcher. kitchen decor ideas


Our goal is to have a bowl full of assorted fruits at all times. The kids know when they ask for a snack that if they haven’t already had a fresh fruit or veggie option, they will 100% be denied entry into the pantry, AKA mecca of dry snacks. Therefore, we always try to have Bananas, clementines, apples, sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes and pears on hand. This beautiful Acacia wood serving bowl is my favorite counter candy!

mrsjessicadarling reaching for fruit from a wooden fruit bowl, and sharing kitchen decor ideas


Not sure how this one is last, because it’s most certainly my number one love! This sleek frying pan can been seen slinging eggs every-single-morning in our home! Did you notice it matches the toaster? That’s because it’s another favorite from the Beautiful by Drew Barrymore kitchen line, and you just can’t beat the affordable price for this kind of design and quality!

Oh, and I feel like it’s most appropriate to share a photo of the pretty skillet next to the one that actually uses it the most — THE face of Dale’s Diner (est. 2008), my personal chef, husband, and baby Daddy, Jeff (insert trending Ariana Grande applause audio here).

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  1. Erin says:

    Wow! Wal mart for the win, they’re all so pretty! I need the plastic cups for the kids!

    • Jessica Akemon says:

      Thanks Erin! I cannot get over the cups and how much I love them! I had to cut myself off from buying so much, but there were seriously SO many great home and fashion finds!

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