October 12, 2022

written by: Jessica Akemon

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Fall Home Decor & Our Favorite Thai Recipe

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This Fall Home Decor post is sponsored by Walmart

Fall home decor dinner set up complete with a candle, hydrangeas, dinnerware and a thai dish!

There’s something extra cozy about family dinners in the fall, and if you haven’t checked out Walmart’s fall home decor selection this season, let this be your sign! I honestly had to hold myself back from purchasing the entire Better Homes & Gardens line — and let me tell you, everything looks so inviting and beautiful!

I love that Walmart focuses on creating meaningful moments in your family’s life, while keeping prices low, and within reach. Not only is Walmart sure to have what you need, but I’m always impressed with finding beautiful and surprising finds that I want, too! So let’s start off with how we added a few of their fall home decor pieces to our front entryway.


Fall Home Decor entryway bench with pumpkin pillow, vase, and three beautiful black lanterns with LED candles in them.

I always hope our guests feel a warm welcome when they come into our home, and these beautiful black lanterns with added LED candles felt like the perfect way to greet our guests. The lanterns come in a small, medium, and large size, and I loved styling them near our front door. I also have to admit, having a few large hydrangea bushes definitely makes it easy to add an organic touch of fall.

Fall Home Decor from Walmart. Pumpkin pillow and textured lumbar pillow

Now I can’t not talk about that cute pumpkin accent pillow! My daughter saw it, and instantly put it in our cart. It comes in a few warm colors, and honestly looks cute anywhere you style it. I’m loving it next to this textured, persian styled lumbar pillow!


Walmart dinner party, fall home decor. Candle, plates, ribbed glasses, placemats, and hydrangeas! By Mrsjessicadarling

This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about Walmart favorites in our kitchen, and it certainly won’t be the last. While browsing the Walmart aisles, I noticed a trend. It felt like almost everything could effortlessly be mixed and matched together, and look great.

Dinner Set. Fall Home Decor. Gold Matte spoon, fork, knife. Walmart x mrsjessicadarling

The first thing that caught my eye was the Dave & Jenny dinnerware set. The neutral tones and durable stone are perfect for any season. As for the matte gold flatware, I am obsessed with them! Katherine said she feels like she’s using a princess spoon with her cereal, ha!

The beautiful fringed reversible placemat comes in a matching runner, as well as a warm cream placemat or dinner set. As for the smoky grey ribbed glasses? Those are most definitely my favorite find (and come in a lowball size, too!).

ribbed glass from Walmart, styled by Mrsjessicadarling

Before I jump into the Thai recipe and beautiful serving dish it’s in, I’m curious which napkin ring you like best? Personally, I couldn’t choose, so I bought both the wood and the brown wrapped style! I think they compliment each other well, and I love when things aren’t too matchy matchy.

napkin rings with fringe napkin from Walmart. Fall Home Decor styled by Mrsjessicadarling


This Thai dish is one of our family favorites, and is so fresh and delicious! When I saw this serving set, I immediately pictured this dish in it, and had to try it.

If you look closely, you’ll see there’s a tray holding the lettuce, that doubles as a lid!

Fall home decor serving dish, with Mrsjessicadarling

Nam Sod is a classic Thai recipe that is so simple to make, and very light and refreshing. The fresh ginger, lime, thin sliced onions and roasted cashew bits give it the best flavor and crunch. While it’s considered a salad, my husband and kids love to eat theirs with rice too. I prefer it by itself inside romaine lettuce boats, and is delicious served hot or cold!

nam sod served in lettuce, by mrsjessicadarling

Pro tip, depending on how spicy you like yours, you may need this pretty pitcher for frequent water refills! Jeff and I prefer a 4/5 on the Thai spice level.

White pitcher, walmart home decor, styled by Mrsjessicadarling

If you make this dish, I’d LOVE to hear what you think below!


Nam Sod by Mrsjessicadarling


would love to hear
what you think below!

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  1. Erin says:

    You did it again! Walmarts home decor is blowing my mind and I wouldn’t have thought to check there if it wasn’t for you! Thanks for keeping me in budget!

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