August 9, 2022

written by: Jessica Akemon


Summer Bucket List Ideas

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First of all, can you even believe summer is almost over? I don’t know about you, but our kids go back to school in 1 short week! We plan to make the very most of this week, and are attempting to finish up our family summer bucket list.

Recently, I asked my beloved Instagram stories friends to share their favorite summer traditions with me. I loved reading through them, and wanted to compile a few lists to help you find some last minute fun before summer ends.

Mom and daughter matching swimsuit photo, standing in the ocean at Rosemary Beach Florida
Core summer memory: matching swimsuits with my Mom for our annual trip to Rosemary Beach. Shop the swimsuit here!
Family Photo at Rosemary Beach
Rosemary Beach 2022


We are so grateful for the summer experiences we’ve had so far, but there are a few more ideas we plan to do before summer is over. Some of them we’ve already done once this summer, but by popular demand, the kids have requested a repeat! Below are a few simple ideas we’re attempting to squeeze in before summer ends.

Mrsjessicadarling summer bucket list ideas

Tie dying is something we always look forward to doing every year, and we finally checked it off yesterday! This activity is something the kids can have full creative control over, and fun for the entire family (to be honest, I’d do this by myself, too!).

I wish we recorded their reactions as we removed the rubber bands — the excitement and pride they had was palpable! Here are the before and after photos from our family tie dye day.

family photo of everyone wearing a white shirt, before the family tie dye party! Summer fun bucket list activity
tie dye shirt "after" image of the family. Everyone has multiple colors and patterns! Summer fun bucket list activity

We highly recommend this particular tie dye kit. It comes with everything you need, although I might recommend getting two of them to ensure you have enough of the more popular colors.

For Jeff and I, I tried a new method I’ve never done before. I used tan and dark brown dye, and while it didn’t turn out how I thought it would, it was honestly a happy accident because we love them! We most definitely recommend doing an extra wash and rinse, and not washing them with the other colorful shirts, as it will bleed onto the others. So, what do ya think? Let me know if you have any questions below in the comments!


We’ve loved checking off our own family summer bucket lists, but I really enjoyed reading through your summer traditions as well. It’s never too late to add new traditions, in fact, we made it a tradition to add a new tradition every year, too!

summer fun ideas and bucket list

I hope you have a great rest of your summer, and a wonderful start to a new school year!

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