June 13, 2022

written by: Jessica Akemon

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The Mirror Story

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The second the paint dried and we pulled up the ram board from the Parlor floor, I immediately asked Jeff to help hang a mirror above the newly built fireplace. The only issue, the original mirror I ordered for the parlor hadn’t arrived yet.

Thankfully we had just finished remodeling our powder room, so I shopped the home and reused the old powder room mirror. It originally had a black metal frame, but I had always envisioned a brass mirror here. So I quickly added some trusty gold leaf Rub’n Buff to it, and voila! I had a brass mirror.

Jeff is shown hanging a brass rectangular mirror above the newly built fireplace.
Photo by FilmbyFulcher
Christmas greenery and ribbon hang on a brass rectangular mirror above a new modern fireplace.

I should also add that it was December when we wrapped up this project, so I obviously had to immediately hang some winter greenery, too. Before we move on, can we talk about how incredibly realistic this electric fireplace looks? Another addition we wish we’d done sooner!

Even though I was satisfied with this temporary mirror solution, I was really looking forward to the gold mirror I had originally ordered to arrive. Well, that is until it did arrive, and I realized it wasn’t going to work here.

The Gold Arched Mirror

After months of waiting, I was so excited to finally receive this mirror. However, the moment I unboxed it, I knew it was unfortunately too small. Such a let down feeling, but once again, I was okay with leaving it up until we found the right mirror.

See what I mean? Just a touch too small for this wall space. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a beautiful mirror, and I will absolutely reuse it somewhere else in our home.

So after a few months with this gold arched mirror in place, my Mom randomly sends me a text message from a garage sale. She had found a mirror she thought I might like.

The Garage Sale Find of My Dreams

After staring at the image my Mom had just sent, I’ll admit I had slight hesitation. Even so, I knew I needed to see this mirror in person. I jumped in my car, drove to her house, and shortly after I arrived I was loading it into my trunk.

It’s very heavy, made of solid walnut, and the vintage piece of my dreams! I was so pleased to see that it still had the date and maker information legible on the back as well. The mirror was made by Carolina Mirror Co, on December 7, 1966. This company was founded in the 1930’s in North Wilkesboro North Carolina, and known as the mirror capital of the U.S.

Vintage wood mirror hung above a modern fireplace
Modern Fireplace with an oval coffee table in front, and a wood vintage walnut mirror hung above.

So what do you think? Maybe this style isn’t for you, but let me tell you, it’s ABSOLUTELY for us. We love the warmth it brings, the size, how it ties in the floors, all of it. It just feels like it was the missing piece to The Parlor.

Oh, and I’d like to give a proper shout out to my wonderful Momma! You’re the best at finding the coolest pieces! Thanks for always thinking of me.

Wood Mirror Roundup

Since ours is Vintage, AKA without a link, I’ve rounded up a few in-stock wood mirrors below!

Wood Mirror Collage
  1. Mclean
  2. Pao
  3. Wrenfield
  4. Cozayh
  5. Penarth
  6. Rounded Rectangle
  7. Flower Home
  8. Kelby
  9. Fenwick
  10. Round Wood
  11. Rectangle

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  1. Taty says:

    Hi Jessica! I love the mirror you choose. What paint color is the Parlor?

    • Jessica says:

      Hi there! Thank you! I can’t believe I forgot to leave that detail out, ha! Sorry about that! We used Farrow + Ball French Gray, in a matte finish.

      • Mayra Calandreli says:

        Thank you Jessica for the reply! I just found your site and I adore all of your content! Cant wait to see what you post next.

  2. Amber Olson says:

    It’s stunning and I adore all of the choices you made in this room! (Plus all the rooms! haha)

    Would you mind sharing with me which rug you chose from the Loloi collection? I just bought a home and I’m looking for this cozy living room feel:) Thanks!!

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