January 22, 2022

written by: Jessica Akemon

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My AllModern “Best of Modern” Picks

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The Design Space

While working on our new Parlor moodboard, I knew I wanted it to encompass the various styles we have throughout our home. I was going for a vibe of cozy, yet sophisticated, and traditional, yet modern. One of the first brands that came to mind was AllModern.

If you’ve never shopped with AllModern before, I highly recommend browsing the Best of AllModern Collection. It’s a carefully curated, one-stop-shop where they’ve done all the work for us! Their experts have gathered pieces where form meets lounge-worthy function. You’ll find a selection of timeless style, with pieces that are inspired by the greats, and made for today.

photo by FilmbyFulcher

What I Chose For The Parlor

The intention of the Parlor was to create a room that felt inviting, and encouraged conversation. I really wanted guests to immediately feel welcomed. From the beginning of the design process, I knew that I wanted to include a sofa, a coffee table, various light sources, and two chairs directly across from the sofa.

While scrolling the “Best of” section of AllModern, I was immediately pulled to the Polaris sofa for it’s sleek design, woven neutral fabric options, and tapered wood legs. We chose the venga dark gray polyester blend, and were so pleased to read that all cushion covers are removable for cleaning!

With three young kids in our home, it’s an absolute guarantee I’ll be removing the cushion covers at some point. While we personally opted for the 86″ sofa, they also offer this style in a 56″ loveseat, as well as an armchair.

Assembling The Sofa

First of all, I have to say the best part about selecting this sofa was the ready-to-ship availability! I’m talking, arrived on my doorstep in only SIX days from the order date! During these current lead times, that’s truly unheard of anymore. It was an effortless delivery, as I was notified when it would arrive, and the kind gentlemen carried it right into the Parlor for me.

Assembly was a breeze! So much so, that even my 8 year old helped screw in the legs! With a simple lift (overall product weight is 97 pounds), we had it upright and enjoying it within twenty minutes. The solid wood frame makes it feel nice and sturdy, and the textured durable fabric is so handsome! Although the listing states it’s a dark gray fabric, I love that there’s almost a denim blue undertone to it.

Sofa Comfort

As for comfort, I’d say on a scale of soft, medium, and firm, this sofa would fall between medium and firm. To me, it’s purpose is less of a loungy, plush napping couch, but rather a “conversational” one. Not to say you can’t nap on it, as evidence by my kids and husband who have taken plenty of naps on it.

Personally, I enjoy reading on this sofa, sharing a coffee, and using it as my “office chair” while working on my laptop. It’s minimal, modern design is so versatile, that it could effortlessly be paired with multiple styles.

The Coffee Table

As for a coffee table, I knew I wanted a black finish. With this room being a bit smaller, I specifically searched for a narrow oval shape as well. I’m sure you can imagine how THRILLED I was when I came across the Doyle coffee table. It has a mix of materials between it’s wood top and steel legs, and a perfectly sized surface to display decor, hold drinks, and even play board games!

If you like this style, but aren’t necessarily in need of a coffee table, you’re in luck! It also comes in an accent table as well! With finish options of black ash (ours), american walnut, black, or oak, this table is a great choice with transitional style.

Small black coffee table with black stained wood top and black steel modern legs

“I was going for a vibe of cozy, yet sophisticated, traditional, yet modern, and one of the first brands to come to mind was AllModern”

What I Saved In My AllModern Favorites

Honestly, I could include the majority of the curated pieces in the “Best of Modern” gallery. However, I tried to only select what I could see working within the Parlor.

For the accent chairs, I was specifically looking for a swivel style. This faux leather Mcintyre swivel had five upholstered options, including the exact caramel color I envisioned. For an alternative fabric, I also considered these really beautiful modern take on library chairs, called the Elle. I absolutely love the square shape and substantial arms. Oh, and bonus, it’s backed with a 1 year warranty! I can feel myself sinking into that chair just by looking at it! Lastly, I can’t stop picturing this mid-century modern Dylon arm chair somewhere in our home — it’s truly a unique stunner.

Obviously seating is a big part of designing a living space, but no room is complete without good lighting and functional table space. I’ve rounded up a few more of my favorites from the Best of AllModern Collection that you can easily shop at my LTK shop!

The best part about shopping with AllModern is their obvious commitment of making beautiful, contemporary furniture accessible to everyone, on every budget. They are constantly refreshing and adding new pieces, staying on top of evolving trends, and the best part of all? Their shipping program is quick, reliable, and convenient, bringing your fresh new pieces right to your doorstep. Keep your eye out, because they also run some amazing sales and discounts, too!

This blog post was sponsored by AllModern #allmodern

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    The Parlor and the blog both look great! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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